Ana Stacey
I had been suffering from sharp/severe knee pain during lunges or squats that progressed to daily pain while walking, standing and doing body weight exercises. Although I had been seeing an osteo a few times before being referred to Alex, I found very little benefit from those sessions. After 3 sessions with Alex I was able to return to the heavy weight I was doing previously with no pain! I am excited to train again and will always recommend and go to Alex for any future issues.
Bernadette Macken
I've used Alex for many years now. He is an excellent Myotherapist. Over the years he has helped me maintain excellent health which enables me to enjoy my 60s to the full. This includes walking holidays, attending the gym and generally keeping fit. Alex is so professional and will happily work in with my Physio when and if the need arises. I would highly recommend him as a Myotherapist.
Nick Carnie
After being referred by my PT a number of years ago for treatment of a shoulder injury I now wouldn't go to anyone but Alex. After sorting the initial injury quickly and effectively I have returned to Alex a number of times over the years for the treatment of the varied injuries and niggles that come with working hard in your chosen sport. His professionalism, knowledge and talent mean he is and will remain the chosen Myotherapist for me and those close to me. I highly recommend his skills and services!
Lioubov Levieva
After having 3 treatments I feel like I was born again. Went from miserable person in daily pain to a pain free life. Alex is an amazing myotherapist. Easy to deal with, very knowledgeable and expert in the practice! I’m glad I came across him and only took me few treatments to forget the pain. Highly recommend!!!!
Sam Mckerrow
I have seen Alex a few times now, every time he has solved the issue in if not one a couple of sessions. I went to see someone else near my work, out of convenience. I saw them for about 6 months, to no recovery. In frustration I was thinking what else I could do. I remembered Alex. Hit him up. One session I felt better than I had in a year, back pain gone. Back to crushing my sport. A guy who actually wants you to be better, not just milk you for unneeded appointments. If you’re reading these to see if you should see him. Do yourself a favour.
Katie Mrocki
Being a carpenter my body suffers from wear and tear quite alot and ive tried so many different things to help my back and shoulders but nothing was really giving me results... Then I met Alex!!! This guy is so bloody good at what he does, I cannot believe the relief I got and and how much better I felt after just one session with him. But not only is he extremely professional and elite in his craft, he's a lovely guy too so WIN WIN. I highly recommend him.
Pat Azar
I have been seeing Alex for a while now, I’m always walking out of there feeling brand new as he does know how to fix all kinds of injuries, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else
Melissa Tannock
2 days after treatment and I feel better than ever. Alex was extremely professional and one of the best myotherapist I've seen in a long time. I would highly recommend him. Very happy customer.
James Ramman
Hands down the best myotherapist I have been to. Completely hands on and knows everything there is to know. All my appointments with Alex have either fixed or improved any injuries significantly and I don't think i could recommend anyone else to see
Brennan Mitchell
Truely an expert in his field and very reasonably priced